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Spend and Earn Program

Resintools have started the spend and earn program to help our customers to get benefits on each 1kd spent on

To activate the points system you must be logged in on or register if you don’t have an account

above each product, you will find out how much it worth in points 

Spend and Earn -


once you add your products to the cart while checking out we will calculate the total points you will earn if you complete your order
  • The red highlight below will show you the total number you will earn after completing your order.
  • Yellow highlighted below will show you your current points save in your account from your previous purchases and if you would like to spend them in this account.

to check your points balance any time you can go to your Account, and check My Points,  it will show the total number of points earned in each purchase.


spend and earn -






Points System

Earn Points on your purchase
25 Point 1KD
  • Each 1 Kd Purchase = 1 Point in your Account
  • Each 25 Point in your account = 1 KD purchase
  • Ranking on Points to earn gifts
Free Delivery on all orders above 10KD - توصيل مجاني للطلبات فوق ال10 دك
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