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Graffiti Silicone Rubber 1:1

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Food grade liquid silicone material for making silicone molds

  • Advantages of food-grade silicone:
  • Transparent and easy to mix material
  • It is safe, and it is food-grade silicone, as it can be made of silicone molds for sweets
  • Tear and solvent resistant and has a tensile strength
  • Excellent viscosity
  • Withstands high temperatures

How to use :

The two packages A & B are mixed in equal proportions 1:1 in the mixing cup. Mix well very slowly for 3-5 minutes in one direction so that bubbles do not form during mixing. It is poured on the model to be tailored to the shape of the mold, where the solidification process begins from 4-10 hours. After making sure that the liquid silicone is dry, we slowly remove the model from the silicone, so that it is ready to be used as a high-quality resin mold.

How to save and store:

Keep away from sunlight and high heat

Keep out of reach of children

Additional information

Weight 2 kg


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