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Graffiti Resin Fast Cure 1:1

(3 customer reviews)

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Gravity resin product (Fast Cure) is one of the finest types of resin, and it is characterized by the following:


  • High density which is ideal for artwork
  • Fast Curing as it dries within 8-12 hours
  • Its high transparency, purity, and non-yellowing.
  • Perfect to use for artwork and show effects
  • It is free from toxic fumes, odors, and volatile substances during the reaction.
  • Safe on the skin and on food after dehydration.
  • It was tested by a body approved by the Saudi Standards Organization.
  • Easy to store and use.
  • Comfortable handling as it begins to harden after 30 minutes
  • Easy to mix as it blends in five minutes.

How to use :

Using a standard cup or an electronic balance, add 1 of the resin to 1 of the hardener, as the ratio is equal between the resin and the hardener, stir gently and very slowly until the two mixtures mix well and avoid rapid stirring to avoid the appearance of bubbles in the mixture, add the colors of the resin or gold leaf and any Add additives as desired, then pour the mixture onto the surface or a silicone mold, remove the bubbles after 10-15 minutes using a torch or lighter. Leave the resin to dry completely away from sunlight, dust, or open space to avoid any impurities sticking to the work, the work dries after 8-12 hours


How to save and store:

Fast Cure package is stored away from sunlight, high heat, and humidity, stored in a place at room temperature ranging from (24-22) Celsius

Valid for use up to five years from the date of opening

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Weight 2 kg

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3 reviews for Graffiti Resin Fast Cure 1:1

  1. Diaa (verified owner)

  2. Doaa Alkandri (verified owner)

    جميلو سرعة الجفاف ممتازة ولكن كثير الفقاعات

  3. Fatema CHIEF (verified owner)

    None of the glasses are fitting inside the mold….Diameter of the circle is very less

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