All you need to know about resin -

All you need to know about resin

Resin is one of the main sources that we use to synthesize and mold our products in our company. So, here’s everything you need to know about resin from what it is to every safety precaution needed.

What is resin?

If you like arts and crafts, a glossy surface finish, various colored dyes, or maybe a crisp soft touch to a masterpiece, resin is all you need! The resin consists of two parts (epoxy resin and a hardener), and when mixed together, it creates this chemical reaction that hardens the mixture into a hard plastic when left to dry over a preferred surface, thus leaving a clear, shiny, smooth finish.

Is the resin safe to use?

Yeah. The resin is extremely safe to use as it is a non-toxic substance. However, it is dangerous to inhale the fumes and we strongly recommend that you purchase a mask beforehand. Thus, after everything is completely dry and ready to show and display, the resin is completely safe to use and touch.

What are some safety measures I should take before using the resin?
Make sure there is a window nearby as all of the fumes cannot get caught in a small place, so open a window to let it exit, and fresh air in.
Wear protective equipment (bib or full wetsuit, gloves, masks, and goggles if necessary, and if you have long hair make sure to wear them)
Clean up spills immediately as if leaving them for extended periods of time, they will harden
Try not to touch it because it is too hot
You have a lot of space to place the project and materials; Do not get crowded
Reducing the number of people in the work environment
How to use resin safely (for beginners)
Mixing the epoxy resin and hardener together measure equal parts of the epoxy resin and hardener (1: 1 ratio) and mix for 4-5 minutes.
Additives; If you want to add things like gloss, color, gold leaf, pigments, etc., this is where you should start, remember not to rush and do it slowly to get the best results.
Make sure the mold is dried and cleaned with nothing left inside (if you don’t use a mold, make sure the surface you place it on is dry, be it painting, picture, wood, etc …)
Casting epoxy resin. Try to put it in the mold without overflowing, if there is not enough scraping the sides to pour more, if there are bubbles on the top, you can remove them with a blow torch or heat gun (we provide some of them in our website; feel free to make a purchase)
Allow to harden inside the mold
When it hardens after 24 hours, carefully peel off the mold

In the end, you should have a clear, shiny, solid masterpiece of your choice!

Is resin affordable?

Yeah. The resin is affordable and comes in packages of all sizes. When purchasing resin, it is important and mandatory to know the project you are working on to roughly know how much you need as prices vary depending on the quantity and brand. You can also have some combinations.

What can I do with the resin?

Here are some things you can do with or apply resin:

Glossy finish on canvas
Key chains
Back/side handles for things like cutting boards, mirrors, and hairbrushes
Pins / Pin
Acrylic paint
Create shapes like crystals (in molds)

Purchase resin –Things you must ask before purchasing resin
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