Create Cells in Resin Painting

When you create cells in resin painting it makes your project creative and unique. And you know also
it is a goal of resin art creators to make cells and patterns in their products. You must have
seen our products and patterns in them.

create cells

How to create cells in resin

First of all, you have to begin with an artwork resin. And this we highly recommend starting
your artwork and crest cells. There are 3 ways of creating cells in resin. Here we go.

Method No 1

Add repellant do you know what a repellant is? It is an oily type substance that is used to
stick the resin against itself. So, whenever you are using repellent add color to it to create
cells. Dimethicone hair serum and silicone lubricant are examples of repellents and they are used
to maintain equipment.

Method no 2

Secondly, method no 2 is to mix chemical additives to switch the viscosity of the colored
resin. Here you will mix acetone or alcohol in the mixture. Also, you will mix it into a single
color to make it more fluid. Also, this will allow the color to mix easily. I

Method No 3

Now you have to use different viscosity. This method needs to learn something with
experience. Pigments with heavy viscosity push to move downwards. You must put heavy
pigments on top of light pigments. Moreover, this movement will create an effort that is called
cellular movement. Here you must know which pigments are heavy. In contrast, other
pigments are not heavy.

Pro-tip to Create Cells

Furthermore, I mentioned in my previous blog regarding a heat gun. This resin tool is outstanding for
not only getting rid of bubbles in the resin but also lifting resin around the surface. Stir this
with any of the techniques above, and you can generate even more cells in your resin.

However, you must learn this technique of creating cells in resin. And further, on the website,
you can see several colors, and our products are filled with colors.

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