Colors That Mix Well With Resin Medium

Do you know one thing, I love when painting with resin is that there is a wide range of colors that mix well with a resin medium. Here will share some resin paintings with you when you start adding colors into your art. 

Resin Medium

Liquid Acrylics for Resin 

Acrylic paints can result in amazing colors. So, even if we use a small bottle of acrylic colors. Hence, acrylic paintings have a variety of colors like neon, glow and metallic, and glittery. 

  • Liquid acrylics are reasonable in price. However, make sure you follow the 1:10 ratio rule. 
  • Mix one part of acrylic and 10 parts of resin. 
  • If you are using more acrylic paints so you can not pour them easily. 
  • Make sure that paint is mixed well in your mixture. Use a spoon or popsicle stick when mixing the color with resin. 

Fluid Acrylics for Resin 

Fluid acrylic is quite more expensive than liquid acrylics. Do you know, fluid acrylics are thinner than liquid acrylics?  You must know fluid acrylic can easily be mixed due to thinner viscosity. 

  • This type of medium is much richer in color, so just add a little and the color goes on well. 
  • You should buy rich quality acrylic to get the best results. 
  •  Fluid acrylic has a large number of colors to choose from. 

However, fluid acrylic is easily available at craft stores. Like liquid acrylics, you can use a 1:10 ratio. Due to less pigment, you may be used in less quantity while mixing it with resin. 

Alcohol Inks

Alcohol Ink inks contain a considerable duration of alcohol and are enhanced with intensively concentrated color pigments.

However, the fact is that alcohol evaporates shortly at room temperature due to its certain properties is a central factor in this painting method. It is fun to paint your art with alcoholic ink put a drop of color into the mixture and stir it gradually.

Airbrush Paints for Resin 

This is amazing due to the wide range of colors like silver, metallic, gold, etc. Like we read above, that fluid acrylic has thin viscosity, airbrush paint has thin viscosity as well. 

  • Stir them well before using them. So, you will get a brilliant color. 
  • Airbrush paint is not very expensive. 
  • Use a 1:10 ratio when mixing the color i.e one ratio of color and 10 ratios of resin. 

Powdered Pigments for Resin 

You will enjoy pigments with resin. And, pigment painting is easily available in stores with many colors. Also, it simply mixes so easily in resin. Also, they are flat particles with round and oblong shapes. 

  • You can mix it with a small cup of resin then pour it over the resin that is cured. 
  • You can mix the pigment with non-metallic ink or acrylic paint to get good finishing. 
  • Take 1/8/ spoon of powder and mix it. 
  • Be sure to mix it well to avoid clumps. 

Oil Paints 

We get good results even when we are using oil paints. Now, you need to mix it more than we discussed above. As I mentioned above, that thicker consistency is hard to mix. Note that, once you mix it well, you will get beautiful colors. 

  • Mix oil color in a cup before using it with your resin. 
  • Use 1:10 ratio as I mentioned above in liquid, fluid, and airbrush paints. 

Spray Paint for Resin 

Therefore, another way to add color to your resin medium is using spray paints Also, there are several colors available these days. 

  • Mix your resin in a small cup and add spray paint to it. 
  • You need to go outdoors when mixing spray paints. 
  • Spray 2 or 3 times in the cup and mix it. 
  • Pour the mixture quickly into the resin as it dries very fast. 

Avoid Water From Your Resin 

Remember, water can vanish all your hard work. Yet, avoid using any color in which you need to mix water. Never make this mistake. It will take double or triple time to cure. Moreover, you must avoid watercolors when you want to paint your resin art. 


Most importantly, Adding color to your resin medium is fun. Hence, the inks and paints are not much expensive. You will like your art when adding color to them. Remember, be careful when mixing the paints and note their ratios. Have a great experience while adding inks and colors to your art. Therefore, if you have made a small mistake in mixing the ratio, then it will affect your art. 

However, read the previous blogs of you can find tremendous steps and tips. Even the problems and solutions are discussed. All in all, we are helping you to finish your art with great after-effects. Using resin art and casting will make you create and search for decorative items on our website. It is full of glossy and shiny art. 

Which resin do you use for resin art?
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