Tips and Steps for Casting Resin brings out perfect tips and steps for you, sharing these tips with you will make us joyful. Making art with resin is amazing and following these tips will help you a lot in silicone mold casting.

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How to cast resin into a silicone mold

How to cast resin into a silicone mold? That’s not hard as you are wondering. will help you out. Here are easy steps you can follow even if you are a beginner and get an amazing resin casting.

1. Select your silicone mold

Silicone most is perfect for casting resin because they are flexible and available in all sizes and shapes. You can easily push the Silicone mold to get your resin shape out. And one great thing to discuss is that we have a variety of silicone molds in our stores.

2. Apply for mold release

Spray a light mist of resin mold when releasing for the mold. After that, let it dry for 30 minutes before pouring resin. If you are thinking about why you should do this, here are some purposes why I use mold release.

  1. You can easily demold your casting.
  2. You can get a perfect shape.

3. Mix and measure the resin

First of all, measurement has great advantages.

Measure and mix your casting resin to pour into the silicone mold. Checking, mixing, and measurement us best for this condition and you will get a clear and

Crystal resin casting.

4. Remove bubbles

Here you need a heat gun for removing the bubbles. Now wondering why you need to remove the bubbles so let me tell you to get a clear texture. Go to the surface of your mold and remove the bubbles.

5. Cover your mold

You must take care that the dust in the air does not enter into your resin casting. After pouring your resin cover the mold with a box or container while it cures.

6. De-mold the cured resin

Peel away the mold from the resin. You can use liquid soapy water to make it slippery and slightly take it off. Be careful when using a soft mold as it can break if you are taking it out roughly.

7. Wash your mold

Washing your mold will keep it clean and shiny and removes the resin casting. Use soap and water, take out the excess water and dry your mold.

Keep it in a dry place, not under the direct heat of sunlight.

Steps in short

Let’s bounce back again to what steps we readout.
So here are the 7 steps in short.
  1. First, select your mold.
  2. Apply mold release spray.
  3. Mix and measure it carefully.
  4. Remove the bubble from the surface after pouring resin.
  5. Cover your mold.
  6. Demold gently after cured.
  7. Wash and dry your molds.

Silicone mold casting tips for you

Starting your work for you must know some tips and ResinTools will share with you. So let’s start with it. Casting Resin for jewelry and decorative items is somehow intimidating, especially when you are a beginner. Let’s share the amazing tips which will help you. Using these tips you will see creativity in your work for making jewelry and crafts.


Wear gloves when you’re pouring the resin into a mold. Looking for the reason why we are giving you this tip. You might think it will keep you safe from resin and it’s true but the main reason is it will also prevent your fingertips from inside the molds. Also sometimes these fingertips are visible on your resin casting. Your mold surface must be glossy because if you are not wearing gloves, the easier is to leave a fingerprint on the mold.


Make sure you are using a clean mold before casting. Clean mold means there must be no resin from the previous casting and also the mold is clean from dust.

Remember you must use a clean mold because an untidy mold will cast on your piece.


Most importantly, take care when positioning your mold. The surface must be level and your table has a rough surface. This tip is not for using a perfect mold and quality resin. The unbalanced surface will not make a perfect piece for you. One more important thing is to use a bubble level to check the level of your table and prepare a perfect casting.


Overfilling your mold, to prevent a lot of excesses once you are finished. In case, if your casting has some disturbance and doesn’t get a perfect finish prepare a second resin and pour it any time.

But also, resins will shrink a little bit as they get into the shape so pour a little above from the level but remember do not overfill it.

Tips for preparing second resin

1 Prepare it when your resin is still at the gel stage

2 Use the same brand when using it for the second time.

3 Before demolding, pour the next layer.


When demolding, gently press the mold and add a drop of soapy water inside that will make it slippery.

Now press it again and push the object from the bottom of the mold. This process is really easy and quick.

Tips and steps in short

Now bounce back to what tips we read above

1. Wear gloves while casting a resin into the mold.

2. Use a clean mold.

3. Use a rough and balanced surface

4. Do not overfill your mold.

5. For demolding, put a drop of soapy water. is giving you easy tips and steps that will help you out to become a professional resin artist.




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