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Graffiti Resin Cleaner 330G 3.00 KWD Add to cart
Dragon Eye Notebook Mold 5.00 KWD Add to cart
5 thin bookmark holographic 4.00 KWD Add to cart
Geode 4 coasters holographic - RESINTOOLS.CO
Geode 4 coasters holographic 4.50 KWD Add to cart
Meduim Sized Heart Mold 16x17cm 3.00 KWD Add to cart
Concrete Pots Molds - Resintools.co
Concrete Pots Molds 4Resintools.co
Concrete Pots Mold 2.50 KWD3.75 KWD Select options
Iron Metal - Resintools.co
Unicorn Head Mold 12cm 2.50 KWD Add to cart
Mirror Mold with Stand 4.00 KWD Add to cart
Mini Basket Mold 6.00 KWD Add to cart
Ruler School Set 3.50 KWD4.00 KWD Select options
Rings Mold 2.00 KWD Add to cart
Skull shape cup mold 2.00 KWD Add to cart
Bird Skull Mold 26 cm 3.50 KWD Add to cart
Ovalic 2 Cig Ashtray - Resintools.co
Ovalic 2 Cig Ashtray - Resintools.co
Ovalic 2 Cig Ashtray 13.5cm 2.50 KWD Add to cart
Leaf Ashtray - Resintools.co
Leaf Ashtray - Resintools.co
Leaf Shape Ashtray 3.00 KWD Add to cart
3D Crystal mold 2.50 KWD Add to cart
Sunflower Set - RESINTOOLS.CO
Sunflower coaster1 - Resintools.co
Sunflower Coaster and Tray 2.00 KWD4.00 KWD Select options
Flower Series Star Coaster 1- RESINTOOLS.CO.jpg
Flower Series Star Coaster - RESINTOOLS.CO
Flower Series Star Coaster 12cm 2.00 KWD Add to cart
Flower Series COaster - Resintools.co
Flower Series COaster 1 - Resintools.co
Flower Series Coaster 12cm 2.00 KWD Add to cart
Designed Tree - RESINTOOLS.CO
Tree Shaped Coaster 12cm 1.75 KWD Add to cart
Graffiti Bubbles Removal 200ml 3.00 KWD Add to cart
Copper Flakes - RESINTOOLS.CO
Copper leaf packed in 50ml bottle 2.00 KWD Add to cart
Small wall clock mold flower 4.00 KWD Add to cart
Rectangle Tray - RESINTOOLS.CO.png
Rectangle Tray with Handle 2.50 KWD Add to cart
Circle Keychain mold 1.25 KWD Add to cart
Gold and Silver - RESINTOOLS.CO
Gold and Silver 1.00 KWD Select options
Christmas Tree Elk keychain 1.50 KWD Add to cart
Christmas tree mold 1.50 KWD Add to cart

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We source our goods from all around the world and then put them through testing with our highley experienced artisits. We only bring in the ones that perform best because we know every project’s importance to you.

We are your partner on your creative journey and can’t wait to see your new unique art pieces.

We have become number 1 in Kuwait for Resin Tools, Silicone Molds, Epoxy resin and Resin colours.